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Forever a Spirit of Water

Don't let the blond hair fool you, you're going down.

Tori Hanson
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Tori Hanson

Character Name: Tori Hanson
Age: 18
Fandom: Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Class: Senior
Height: 5'7 1/2"
E-mail: torhanson@gmail.com
Tori's Voicemail
Status: Fandom High Alum
Living Arrangements: House in Blue Bay Harbor
Work schedule: Sensei, Wind Ninja Academy


Summer Session II, 2007:
Living Arrangements: Room 304

Workshops: The History of Witchcraft II (Halliwell, Thursday)
Work schedule: Book Haven, Tuesdays from 10-5

Summer Session I, 2007:
Living Arrangements: Pixie Cabin
Workshops: Building a Better Fighter (Zaraki, Thursday),
The History of Witchcraft (Halliwell, Thursday)
Work schedule: Book Haven, Tuesdays from 10-5


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[This journal was created for the RPG fandomhigh. I do not own Tori Hanson or Power Rangers Ninja Storm. I am not Sally Martin, though sometimes I wish I was. I'm on Eastern Standard Time, and a senior in college, so I can afford late nights most of the time. Sometimes, not so much, but I do try. I usually am up until midnight/1 A.M. EST. The mun lj is stargatejunkie.]